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The brief:

The project’s primary aim was to design and develop an engaging and secure e-commerce platform dedicated to an online store specialising in period underwear. Tailored for the Middle East region the website is specifically tailored to resonate with the diverse and multicultural community residing in the UAE. 

The key objectives revolved around three primary goals: to offer a frictionless shopping journey, to advocate for sustainable menstruation choices, and to foster inclusivity by understanding and incorporating the unique requirements and cultural intricacies of the target audience.

Website For Period Undewear

TOM Period Wear, headquartered in the UAE and catering to the GCC, started as an online retailer with a vision to market a single product on a one-page website. However, the venture swiftly evolved, expanding to encompass a diverse catalogue of over 35 products and transforming into a comprehensive and visually striking e-commerce platform.

This website underwent multiple refinements, including a design overhaul following a rebranding initiative.

Specialising in period underwear, swimwear and activewear TOM offers an extensive array of meticulously crafted, comfortable, and dependable products renowned for their perfect fit, exceptional absorbency, and leak-proof protection.

As an authorised retailer of esteemed brands such as AWWA and WUKA, TOM remains steadfast in delivering top-tier menstrual solutions to its broad and diverse customer base.

What I did

The resulting website for period underwear successfully caters to the specific needs of people who menstruate in the Middle East. It provides a secure and user-friendly platform for customers to explore and purchase a wide range of period underwear options. TOM’s e-commerce website offers a convenient and empowering shopping experience to its diverse target audience.

"Thank you it has been pleasure working with you, you are so professional and you made everything extremely easy for me. You have great taste and have a natural eye for colour palettes and design in general, I am so happy with it, you have exceeded my expectations!"
"I am so happy with the site, it looks incredible! I really was worried because I loved the original one so much but you have made it look amazing super professional!"
TOM Period Wear

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