Your website to-dos ticked off in a day


6 hours


£350 / €400

Is a VIP Day right for you?

I know that you want your business to be successful.


The problem is that you are already overwhelmed with client work, content creation, and lead generation; you have no time to work on your website a day, try to grow your business or spend time with your friends and family.


As a result, you feel overworked, worn out, and unmotivated.

Website in a day

A VIP Intensive Day may be for you if:

You have a WordPress website and an established brand

You have content ready to go

You have a list of updates to do but don’t have time

You’re sick of googling how to update your website

→ You want to tick off your website tasks in a day

You don’t want a full redesign but need small updates

You tried to DIY your website but it didn’t turn out right

You want to add additional functionality or pages

A VIP Day is not for you if:

→ You are on any platform other than WordPress

→ You want to change platform, page builder or theme

→ You need a new/full website design

→ Your whole website needs to be redesigned 

→ You do not have your content fully ready yet

→ You like to take time to review/feedback on designs

→ You prefer a longer timeline for less pressure

→ You need lots of options and revisions

Let’s work together to get that never-ending website to-do list done! You focus on what you do best and leave the website to me!


Web Wednesday VIP Intensive

Book a day

Choose a Wednesday from the calendar below that suits you. Once we discuss your to-do tasks and make sure you're a suitable match, you'll pay a 50% non-refundable deposit. Once you've paid the invoice, you are booked in!

Web Wednesday VIP Intensive

Prep Work

Immediately after booking you will receive an onboarding email with your pre-work and a link to book a strategy call prior to your VIP Day. This step is really important to make sure the VIP day runs as smoothly as possible.

I do website design nikita

Your VIP Day

While I don't need you to be on call all day, I do need you to somewhat available to answer any questions and give feedback. I’ll keep you updated and at the end of the day hand over all of the completed work!

Web Wednesday VIP Intensive

The Aftershow

Celebrate finally getting your website to dos ticked off! I'll send handover documentation for any new added functionality and you will have 3 days of email support for any tech support or questions post VIP Day.


You will provide me with a list of tasks in priority order before we start so that we can review it and use it as a reference point throughout the session. I will not be working with anyone else and will only be contacting you during this time and concentrating on your website.

Here are some ideas of what we can do during this time:

→ Update colour scheme, fonts and logo if you have rebranded

→ Change the text or images on pages

→ Add in special features like FAQ dropdowns, testimonial carousels, sections with background colours or pricing blocks

→ Reformat the layout of your website

→ Email marketing integration or social media integration

→ Create an Instagram links page or landing page

→ Fix broken links and test existing functionality


Once you pre-prioritise what you would like fixed/updated on your site, I will work hard to get as much done as I can during the six hour session.


Something to note:

When you book a VIP Web Wednesday, you are paying for 6 hours of my undivided attention on your website so that we can tick as many items off your priority list as we can.

I can never guarantee to accomplish all of your requests within the six-hour period, but I set realistic goals from the start and am sure I can finish the work we decide together is most important from your priority list!


Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll choose a spot on my calendar and once we’ve looked at the tasks you want to be completed and made sure your tasks will fit into the day, I’ll book you in. You’ll then have my undivided attention for a full 6 hours.

Even though it will be a collaborative day, it will NOT be an in-person or Zoom intensive. While I need you to be on standby for any clarifications or confirmations if needs be, I’ll just need you once for feedback and otherwise, I’ll get on with designing, configuring and completing the tasks we discussed.

Before I get you booked in for a VIP Day, we will chat about what you’d love to get done. I’ll give you a good idea of what we can get done in a day. If I can see the tasks won’t quite fit into one session, I will offer you a second VIP Day Intensive or recommend a website redesign if I think it is a better fit for your requirements.

If I have promised you I will get something on your to-do list done but for some reason fail to by the end of the day, I will continue working on it the following day to get it ticked off.

Maybe! Depending on your current theme, page builder and also what you want to sell and how you wish to sell it, I could potentially build you a shop page with 5 simple products (ie. no variation in size, quantity, colour, special offers, bundles etc) on a VIP intensive Day.

We can discuss your specific needs through email or our strategy call. You’ll need to provide me with photos, product information, pricing, delivery information, and payment information the day before the VIP Day.

However, if you want a fully thought-out e-Commerce website with a user journey all the bells and whistles this option is not for you and you would be better off going with my e-commerce package.

Yes, my specialist area is WordPress web design and I stick to it as I truly believe it is the best platform. While I do not work with other website builders like WIX or Squarespace, I can offer website audits to advise you on how to improve your website. Or if you would like to move from another platform to WordPress I can help with that. Check out my Website Redesign page to find out more.

You can start by either booking a slot or sending me an email.

Before our VIP Web Wednesday, I’ll need your design wish list in priority order. I’ll also need any necessary text, imagery, or brand guidelines.

Before the VIP Day, I’ll check in with you with any follow-up questions and ask for any additional information that I may need. The more information I have upfront, the more I can get done on the day!

I take 4-5 VIP Design Days a month and you must book at least one week in advance. If you need to get your jobs ticked off in the next 1-2 months, I recommend reaching out as soon as possible.

Currently, VIP Days are £350/€400.

A 50% non-refundable deposit is necessary to secure your date of preference on the calendar and the remaining balance is due the day before our VIP Web Wednesday.

If you feel you might need less or more time, reach out and I’ll see what I can do! I may be able to offer a half-day intensive (3 hours) or two full-day intensives if it’s appropriate. More than happy to chat it through and see what is right for you!

The 50% booking deposit is non-refundable.

Since I only have a limited number of spots for VIP Design Days, if for some reason you cannot make our booked day, please let me know ASAP so I can try to fill your spot. You can rebook for a different date within 60 days of your original booking.

Absolutely yes! No matter where you are from or what time zone you are in, I work with clients from all over the world, My usual Web Wednesday is 10am to 5pm GMT but I can work around this and I’ll do my best to suit you. We can split the day if that is more convenient.

If you are not sure if a VIP Web Wednesday is right for you or have any other questions, book a free discovery call or send me an email and we can discuss your project.

Tell me what you want and I’ll spend the day creating it!  Whether this is concentrating on a single major design task or tackling a list of lesser jobs, we’ll achieve it.

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