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Hello there!

I’m Nikita and I’m a freelance website designer. Welcome to my little corner of the web design world.

My journey to becoming a web designer has been quite unique. Originally trained and working as a registered paediatric nurse, I have always had a creative spark glowing, waiting to be ignited. 

In 2019, life took me on an unforgettable adventure—I got engaged, set off on a whirlwind of travel, and made the exciting move to Australia. Little did I know that a global pandemic would soon turn our lives upside down, pushing everything into the digital realm. Suddenly, screens became our windows to the world.

As a result, my fiancé and I had to book all our wedding vendors online. This experience opened my eyes to the vast number of businesses that could greatly benefit from improving their online presence.

This experience served as the catalyst, igniting my creative spark and a genuine passion that drives my determination to make a difference to businesses.

Effortless, Elegant, Elevated

My ultimate goal is to help your business flourish in this digital era of endless possibilities.

In a world where everything happens online, having a standout website is essential.

I’m here to collaborate with creative professionals like you, crafting premium websites that truly represent your unique values, priorities, and services.

Let’s make magic happen together!

Website Design for Creatives & Wedding Professionals.

No matter the size of your business, I’m dedicated to designing a website that reflects your unique personality and helps you succeed.

Whether you already have a vision or need some friendly guidance along the way, I’m just a click away. Together, we can create an online presence that sets you apart from the competition.

website design for creative professionals

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Fun Facts

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