What to include on your restaurant website

What to include on your restaurant website

Whether you have a small cafe serving coffee and scones or a fine-dining establishment, you’ll want to build an amazing restaurant website for your business. you should make sure that your restaurant’s website offers current and potential customers the most relevant information exactly when they are seeking it, so it provides them with a positive experience.

With 77% of diners researching restaurants online before visiting in person, your website is the platform for your guests’ first interaction with your business and therefore should make a good first impression.

Whether you’re building it yourself or hiring someone to complete it for you, there are certain things your restaurant website needs to include, so that it will stand out from the competition online and help convert visits into paying customers.


8 things your restaurant website needs


1. Online booking system

If you include an online booking system on your restaurant website, customers can book a table online.

This allows people to see when there is availability, book themselves in and receive a booking confirmation email with the time and date of the booking. If they can no longer make the booking they can easily cancel the booking online without having to call or be on hold. Your booking calendar will update accordingly. This means fewer calls coming in throughout the day, less risk of no-shows and more time for wait staff to focus on serving customers instead of taking phone calls.

2. Show your menu

Your menu is the first thing handed to customers as they sit down for a meal. But did you know that according to research by OpenTable, 93% of people read online menus before dining out? Many customers want to know what to expect before going to your restaurant so having a menu online is vital to entice new patrons to book with you.

Showcase if you have different menus for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks and the times or days these are available.

Make it clear on your website which items are vegan, vegetarian, and suitable for people with dietary intolerances or on special diets so they can see if there is food that is served will suit them.

3. About us

People love to know some background about local businesses.

What inspired you? What cuisine do you specialise in? Why should they choose to eat at your restaurant or cafe? Are you sourcing produce from local farms? Is the restaurant named after your mom?

Tell your visitors about it in an “About Us” or “Our Story” section of the website.

4. Opening times

No one likes to show up somewhere thinking it will be open and find it closed.

Closed every Tuesday? Open daily but closed from 2-5pm every day? Open late on weekends but close at 3 on a Thursday?

Keep your opening times up to date and on your website so there is no confusion for your customers.

Your information should also be up to date and relevant on your Google Business. Google is often the first place a potential customer will come across your website, so make sure your listing is up-to-date and accurately lists your hours, locations, and ordering information.

5. Image Gallery

Include a gallery of high-quality images that encompass your entire restaurant business.

Photos give guests a more complete idea of what to expect before deciding to visit the place in person. You’ll want photos of your seating options during the day and night, your patrons having a good time at your restaurant, already-prepared popular menu items, etc.

6. Awards

If your restaurant has won any awards or was featured in a local or national newspaper or magazine for its menu, location, ambience, staff, etc., then show these off on your restaurant website. You can have links to these articles, or use recommended supplier badges on your website to social proof your business and show your worth.

7. Gift Vouchers

Allow people to buy physical or digital gift vouchers online for a specified amount for friends and family to be used in your cafe or restaurant. These can be purchased online and sent to the recipient’s postal or email address for use within a specified timeframe.

8. Reviews

According to a study by Tripadvisor, many diners will consult online customer reviews about a restaurant before visiting it or considering it and as many as 94% of diners will choose your restaurant based on online reviews

Including authentic customer reviews on your restaurant’s website is one of the most important things you can do.

Regardless of the type of restaurant you own and operate, your restaurant website is a crucial piece of the puzzle.

Let your customers get to know you, your food, and your vibe online so they know what to expect when they visit you in person.

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