Why is no one using my contact page

4 Reasons no one is using your contact page

If you created your website yourself, your Contact page may have been treated as an afterthought because it seems so simple. All you need on your Contact page is a contact form and you’re good to go, right?


Although you could be tempted to just have a simple Contact page, you might be losing out on the opportunity to convert more leads. A Contact page acts as the gateway between you and your audience. It is the location where a website visitor becomes a potential customer or consumer.

Don’t let the layout, text, and form of your contact page cause your sales to stagnate. Create your Contact page with purpose instead. Without it, you can’t have a solid website strategy.

If you’re having trouble getting people to your Contact page or not getting enough conversions, let’s figure out why.

“Why is no one using my Contact page?”

I’m not saying that your website’s Contact page is the most imaginative or innovative page. People aren’t avoiding your Contact page for that reason. Instead, some of the crucial components your Contact page needs to succeed may be missing. You don’t need all the bells and whistles. A few minor adjustments can have a huge impact.

Let’s clear up any errors you may be making with your contact page so you can start getting more leads.

1. It’s hard to find

You should have a visible link to your contact page on every page of your website. If it’s hidden away it makes it more difficult for incoming leads to contact you when they’re ready to learn more about your offers or hire you.

It’s essential to have your Contact page linked in your main website navigation bar or in the top menu, ideally in the right corner of your website in high contrast so it stands out.

It can also be beneficial to include a link to your contact page in the footer of your website so that when someone scrolls to the bottom of the page they can easily click the contact you.


2. It doesn’t have your direct email address

According to some studies, 67% of people would rather email someone directly than fill out a contact form. If your contact page does not have your direct email address, you may be missing out!

Ideally, your Contact page will have a contact form and will include your email address for those who want to contact you directly. Depending on the visitor’s preference or the nature of their inquiry, they can decide how they’d like to get in touch with you.

3. It isn’t titled “Contact”

Every page of your website should be clearly labelled and easily understood. To guide a user through your website, visitors should never have to pause and think about what they’ll discover on each page.

If you decide not to use the word ‘Contact’ for your contact page, try to make sure that you use a word or phrase that means the same thing. ‘Enquire’ or ‘Get in Touch’ are also good phrases to use but contact still is the winner.

When formatting your URL, make sure it is “websitename.com/contact” whenever possible. This will make it easier for people to find your Contact page if they’re directly searching for it.


4. It’s missing a photo of you

While you don’t need to have a photo of yourself on your Contact page, it can help! Some of your leads may go directly to your Contact page, meaning they may not see the other areas of your website with photos of you or your business.

If you are a small business, incoming leads like to know who they are talking to and a photo of you can add a personal touch to an otherwise simple Contact page.


Is it time to rethink your Contact page?

If you are stuck wondering “Why is no one using my Contact page” it might be time to give it a once over.

Is it missing these key elements? Are there any tweaks you need to make?

If you want to refresh your current website or launch your first website, I can help you. Go to my contact page and fill in the contact form, or send me an email at nikita@idowebsitedesign.com and we can chat about your business goals and website needs.

If you want to check out some of my other website (and their contact forms) feel free to check out my portfolio page.

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