Website Audit


For people and businesses who already have a website, but it isn’t performing or looking as they would like.


I will complete an audit on your website, checking it’s design, functionality, performance and speed and offer advice on updates, optimisations and improvements.


I’ll present this analysis to you in video and written form.


The audit will focus on:

First Impressions – a fresh eye on your website

Website responsiveness – How well does your website function across all devices?

Website functionality – Is your website functioning how its should be?

User experience – Is the site easy for the customer to use?

User Interface – How does your website look to your users?

Content audit – I’ll review your current text, buttons and images

Suggestions – What can you do to improve your website

If you decide you would like to complete a website refresh or redesign with me, the cost of the audit will be removed from the price.