Website Audit Term and Conditions

You agree that the website audit will include:

First Impressions – a fresh eye on your website

Website responsiveness – How well does your website function across all devices?

Website functionality – Is your website functioning how it should be?

User experience – Is the site easy for the customer to use?

User Interface – How does your website look to your users?

Content audit – I’ll review your current text, buttons and images

Suggestions – What can you do to improve your website

The website audit does not look at SEO or other competitors as part of this service.

You agree that I am providing my professional opinion with regard to the website audit and feedback will be provided giving my best advice. I am not responsible for any losses as a result of any actions or non-actions taken on the advice I give.

You agree that the audit will not be completed earlier than 48 hours after the order is placed with the Company.

The Company agrees that the order will be completed at the latest 7 days after the order is placed with the Company.


Any services purchased may be cancelled within 12 hours of the Company receiving the order.

Cancellations after this time period will be charged the full rate of the service with no refund eligible.

Refunds will not be completed once the service has been provided to You.

Refunds will not be completed for any dissatisfaction with service provided, or any losses as a result of the advice given by the Company.


If you have any questions about these Terms and Conditions, You can contact:

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