Crafting the Perfect Wedding Business Website

Wedding Business Website

Crafting the Perfect Wedding Business Website A wedding business website demands a unique approach compared to many other industries due to the emotional and aspirational nature of the product or service it offers. Unlike industries that focus on solving practical problems or meeting essential needs, the wedding industry revolves around creating and fulfilling dreams, emotions, […]

Why decreased inquiries isn’t always a bad thing

Cat looking at cats on a screen - Why a decrease in inquiries isn't always a bad thing

Why a decrease in inquiries isn’t always a bad thing Last year I made some big changes to my website and my overall brand strategy which lead to a noticeable decline in inquiries received. So what has caused this and why am I happy about it? In the realm of business, the volume of inquiries […]

How do you get Google to notice you?

Dog beside a laptop on a bed How do you get Google to notice you

How do you get Google to notice you? A simple guide to SEO. Getting Google’s attention opens doors to online visibility. Yet, simply having a website doesn’t guarantee Google acknowledges your business’s existence. So how can we change that? This blog will discuss strategies to catch Google’s attention and validate your website’s presence.   1. […]

My top 3 wedding supplier business tips

wedding business tips

My Top 3 Wedding Supplier Business Tips Whether you’re a caterer, florist, photographer or planner, you know that booking new clients is a year-round effort. Even during peak wedding season when you’re busy, you’re probably already thinking about your next bookings. If you’re an experienced wedding vendor, you likely have a set of tactics you […]

How to make sure your website is inclusive and accessible

How to make your website inclusive and accessible

Representation Matters: How To Make Your Website More Inclusive and Accessible As a wedding business owner, it’s essential to ensure that your website is not only aesthetically appealing but also inclusive and accessible to everyone. By making a few thoughtful adjustments, you can create a welcoming online space that represents and reaches all couples, regardless […]

How tech is transforming the Wedding Industry

irish wedding planning virtual

Embracing Digitalisation: How technology is transforming the Wedding Industry​ Gone are the days of flipping through magazines and physically visiting countless stores and venues to plan a wedding. Thanks to the power of the internet and technological advancements, many aspects of the wedding planning process has digitalised, offering couples unparalleled convenience and efficiency. Here are […]

Tips to Increase Bookings for Wedding Pros

Tips To increase Bookings for Wedding Professionals

4 Tips to Increase Bookings for Your Wedding or Creative Business As a wedding or creative business owner, you know that maximising your booking potential is crucial to sustaining your business and achieving long-term success. Although it may be a quiet season for inquiries and bookings, that doesn’t mean your efforts should slow down. Instead, […]

What to include on your restaurant website

What to include on your restaurant website

What to include on your restaurant website Whether you have a small cafe serving coffee and scones or a fine-dining establishment, you’ll want to build an amazing restaurant website for your business. you should make sure that your restaurant’s website offers current and potential customers the most relevant information exactly when they are seeking it, […]

Trading Online Voucher Scheme with LEO

Longford Businesses

Local Enterprise Office (LEO) Trading Online Voucher Scheme Did you know that Longford businesses and companies located anywhere in Ireland can apply for a Trading Online Voucher with their Local Enterprise Office and get up to €2,500 off the costs of their website?? The Government have a National Digital Strategy to help grow your business. […]

Ways to Increase Website Traffic using Instagram

Ways to Increase Website Traffic

Ways to Increase Website Traffic Using Instagram There is no denying the advantages that social media has to offer. It’s a great location to interact with customers, attract new audiences, create a community, forge relationships, and share content. It can be a really strong marketing tool. However, even if you have a large social media following, you’ll […]