Why isn’t my website converting?

Why isn't my website converting?

Why isn’t my website converting?

So you’ve finally done it and created your website and thought all your business problems were solved! Job done! Over!

However, after some time you’ve noticed that your website isn’t quite getting the traction that you’ve hoped and not many people are using it the way you hoped. You might be left wondering “Why Isn’t My Website Converting?!”

Alas,  a website alone with no plan is not going to bring you business. However, there are a few changes you could make to your website things to increase the conversion rate on your site.


Ten reasons your website is not converting


1. You have no Calls To Action (CTAS)

CTAs are buttons, links or images on your website telling your potential clients to do something – to purchase, to enquire, to send you a message etc. A good website will have a user journey thought out and lead your customer through a website to the goal end point. If you have all this information, but have no CTAs telling your audience what to do, they may not know what action to take next and therefore will not convert.


2. Your website is slow

About 50% of people will leave your site if it doesn’t load in 3-4 seconds. We are such an impatient generation now that we don’t want to wait 4 seconds for a site to load. If your website is slow this means your audience isn’t even getting on your site! You can test your website site on gtmetrix.com. This will let you know how fast or slow your site is.


3. There’s too much text

Even though you may be trying to give lots of valuable information to your customers or clients, sometimes too much text on a page can come across as overwhelming to your audience and many won’t read it.

Keep information on your website concise and to the point without the waffle. If writing text isn’t your strong point, consider hiring a copywriter to do it for you!

Too much text on a website

4. You Haven’t Invested In Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO means optimising your website for search engines like Google and Bing. Optimising your website for SEO takes lots of time and work and unfortunately does not just happen by chance. A website needs to be constantly updated with target keywords you want to rank for and new pages or blog posts to keep letting google now that you still exist. A website without SEO implemented will not get found by google so if you want to show up on a search its something your should consider investing in.


5. You’re not showing your worth

You need to show off your value and why customers should book with you. If you are not telling your them about how you can help them. what value you can bring to their business or how you are going to change their lives, you need to. Tell them why you are the best choice for your audience so they will convert in to paying customers.


6. Too many colours

If there is colour everywhere, it can be over the top. If colours are incompatible it makes text inaccessible and difficult to read so customers are less likely to find the information they need or continue through your website.


accessible text - why is my website not converting


7. Your website isn’t mobile friendly

If your website was made > 5 years ago, there is a strong chance your site is not optimised for mobile devices. Screens come in all shapes and sizes these day so your website needs to be responsive. This means your website will look good on any handheld device. A website that looks strange on mobile or tablet is not going to convert.


8. There’s no blog on your website

A blog or portfolio is really important on a website website. They are a great way of getting more eyes on your site. If you ensure your content is optimised for SEO, what your audience want to read and is a credible source of information you will start seeing leads.

Blog posts and portfolio pieces also lets google know your site still exists which will also help with SEO.



9. You don’t know anything about your analytics

If you don’t even know how to measure your website analytics, you’re not going to be able to improve it.

Measuring data is a key way of finding out what your audience likes and creating more of that. If you’re not measuring your data you cannot see where you are going right or worst case, wrong!



10. No Social Proof

There’s no testimonials, reviews or links to work on your website. Show your clients know what you can do and how happy other people are with your services or products. If you don’t have any yet consider emailing a few past clients and asking them to give you a review and then use that review for your own site and for social posts!


‘Why Isn’t My Website Converting?’

This is such a common question, especially if you have created the website yourself, so don’t be too hard on yourself! Just try to learn where your website is lacking and implement any changes you need to make from there.

If you want to hire a website designer to audit your current website or complete and redesign or refresh I would love if you considered me. You can check out my portfolio here and testimonials from previous clients here.

If you want to get in touch you can do so via the contact form or by sending me an email at nikita@idowebsitedesign.com.