What to include on your restaurant website

What to include on your restaurant website

What to include on your restaurant website Whether you have a small cafe serving coffee and scones or a fine-dining establishment, you’ll want to build an amazing restaurant website for your business. you should make sure that your restaurant’s website offers current and potential customers the most relevant information exactly when they are seeking it, […]

Trading Online Voucher Scheme with LEO

Longford Businesses

Local Enterprise Office (LEO) Trading Online Voucher Scheme Did you know that Longford businesses and companies located anywhere in Ireland can apply for a Trading Online Voucher with their Local Enterprise Office and get up to €2,500 off the costs of their website?? The Government have a National Digital Strategy to help grow your business. […]

Ways to Increase Website Traffic using Instagram

Ways to Increase Website Traffic

Ways to Increase Website Traffic Using Instagram There is no denying the advantages that social media has to offer. It’s a great location to interact with customers, attract new audiences, create a community, forge relationships, and share content. It can be a really strong marketing tool. However, even if you have a large social media following, you’ll […]

Why have a business email address?

business email address

Why should you have a business email address? Every business should have a business email address. Think about if you were searching online for a wedding photographer. You are looking for a dependable expert, and after browsing a number of websites, you choose the one you want to get in touch with. It all looks […]

What’s the benefit of having a website?

Successful business women UK

What are the benefits to having a website? If you are a businesswoman and want to be successful, you may be wondering what steps you need to take to get there. In an age where everything is digital, having your own website gives you endless opportunities for your business to grow. For successful business women […]

Reasons no one’s using your contact page

Why is no one using my contact page

4 Reasons no one is using your contact page If you created your website yourself, your Contact page may have been treated as an afterthought because it seems so simple. All you need on your Contact page is a contact form and you’re good to go, right? Wrong. Although you could be tempted to just […]

Ways to make money from your website

Make money from your website

Ways to make money from your website Would you like to generate additional income for your business? If your website is well-optimized, there are methods to generate passive income. Consider the following strategies to increase your website’s earnings in 2023.   9 ways to make money from your website in 2023   1. Sell physical […]

How a website can help with Social Anxiety

how can a website help with social anxiety

How a website can help with social anxiety If you’ve never experienced social anxiety you may not understand, but some people can’t “just” pick up the phone to call your business. Social anxiety is the fear of social situations that involve interaction with other people. Many people worry about social situations from time to time, […]

What is a website theme and why are they used?

creative websites

What is a website theme? I had a call with a lady recently wondering what the point of a website theme was when building creative websites. After some thought, I’ve decided to write a short blog post to try to explain themes in a bit more detail. Hopefully, this post helps anyone else who is […]

WordPress Vs Shopify – Which is better?

Wordpress vs shopify

WordPress vs Shopify – Which is better? If you have a business and want to sell online you are probably looking at different platforms and e-commerce options available to sell your products or services. I work with WordPress and in this post, I will explain five reasons why I think WordPress.org (with WooCommerce integration) is […]